Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Believe it or not i actually study at uni
and a large part of this study is comprised of
partying, drinking, smoking, eating, free fairy floss, excessive use of the free coffee machine at the local pub, watching Steven Segal marathons in the empty movie theatres, betting we can eat more free popcorn than each other, stealing free pens (not really free but they are free if you "borrow" them, the guy at the local bottle-0 asking us if we want the usual (goon bag with the extra 25% special,) downloading everything possible from the computers, fighting robots, giving an orphan my parachute in mid air
it all comes down to the degree you are earning
I am having the time of my life at uni
and i dont really want to leave and go into the real world
my point is
My course is 5 years!
I go 2 days a week MAX and spend most off those days on the computer playing bejewelled
i just had 3 months holidays
and we get a month off in the middle of the year
is they compressed our course
and took out all of the fun
i would already be out of here and earning money already
but instead they drag the course out over 5 frikkin years
by the time i leave this lovely hell hole i will be 23 years of age thats halfway to 46
then my life will be half over
if i am lucky!

I did not buy a text book last semester and i still seemed to pass every single subject
it makes me question weather or not university is really about the learning
occasionally i stay up late and complete the odd assignmenet or two
(i lie i stay up late finishing every assignment a week AFTER it is due)
but if we had a stress year jam packed with assignmenet and late nights, jacked up on coffee and no-doz and cocaine for dessert
(which is what i usually do)
we could spend the rest of our lives doing something productive with our life and helping the community
and making money
thats the main thing
whilst i sit here on my only day this week waiting 2 hours for my next class too commence, which is a film viewing class may i add
if they took out
all the holidays
made us actually work by spoon feeding us the information straight into our tummies
our brains would be so full of food filled knowledge that we would not have to spend 5 years here!
Uni would not be nearly as fun
the time spent here would be hell
We would get out of here in no time!
Into the real world
out of our booze filled drunken nude rampages through lecture theatres

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