Friday, March 5, 2010

Puppy Dogs and Rainbows

Make many people mightily merry
they also make ME warm and fuzzy inside
but there are so many other things that fill me with that loving feeling
Urinating after holding it in for a while
Sharpening Pencils
Baby animals... mice are the only animals that are not adorable when they are babies... and kangaroos. All others are extremely fuzzy and cuddlable with gigantor eyes that just make your heart melt. Just get a baby animal, go out for a night on the town
and you shall be an instant pussy magnet

aww... it thinks it's people!


Look at the way it does stuff what that thing and the OMGITSOCUTE!

Poor Peter Cotton Tail... hopping along the bunny trail. All he wanted was a friend to love a cuddle but instead he got caught in a rabbit trap and died instantly

Pretty Kitty... Whats that... you want to play? Ok you can stop mauling my face now

Even this Hybrid human animal buffalo baby is adorable... someone is a stinky baby!

The disgrace of the animal kingdom... IT'S HIDEOUS

This post looks like one of those lame inspirational/make-your-day-esque chain emails.
But its not!
More things that make me happy inside
Keep on reading to find out
Julia, Andrea, Kurtis, Mikel, Matty, Mandy, Richo, Prani, Dean always make me feel tip top.
People in General
except people who scowl at you when you smile at them when you are at Guildford library in the young adult section, Not naming names JANETTE... Stoopid Librarian
Free shipping on ebay
Beer on a hot day
Hot Chocolate/a warm beverage/snuggles on a cold day
waiting up to watch sunrises... AWWW!
When you see Birds flying into the wind but they dont appear to be going anywhere... nOObz!
Watching people fall over and/or getting hit in the groin
not getting hit in the groin
Fairy floss and fairy bread... and food with the word "Fairy" attached to it is destined to be delicious, except fairy penguins, they might possibly be quite delicious.
living in the 21st century
When you see old people holding hands
When Microsoft word automatically corrects your spelling
The cold side of the Pillow
Captain Planet, Earthworm Jim, Ahh... real monsters, Street Sharks and Pokemon
High score on tetris
and anything free just to name a few
All in all i have learnt that this embodiment of objects, emotions and free stuff have all come together in society to create happiness throughout the many stages of my life
and i would not want it any other way!
Also pooping
pooping is good!


  1. HEHE iM 3RD ON THE LIST. whooooo

    i would tend to agree, its the simple things that make life better :D


  2. THE SMELL OF LETTUCE and tomatoes
    waking up to a really sunny day where all the colours seem brighter (and its not hot)
    running into joel unexpectedly
    winning competitions
    sitting/dancing in the rain during sunshowers
    wetting people with garden hoses
    seeing tim play with his baby cousins LOL
    finally getting a maths question right
    exploring somewhere pretty with good company

    and many other things
    OHOHH lying under the stars on camps
    sitting around camp fires
    feeling a warm breeze go past